Doris Hornu and Fati Abdulaye

Doris Hornu

Hello there! My name is Doris Hornu, I am 34 years old and I own a shoe store in Nsawam. I am a single mother of three schooling children. That is to say that my expenses every month are very high and I needed a business that would enable me earn an income, provide for my family and plan for my future. I have very little education, and couldn’t get any meaningful job out there.  When I became a single parent, life became very tough for me and my children. So my young sister advised me to relocate to Nsawam where she received me in her home and assisted me to begin a business of my own. The capital was very little and with it, I bought a few second-hand shoes for children that I sold for not much profit.

Then a gentleman from within our vicinity introduced me to the Royal Black Queens where I applied and was granted a loan of Ghc 1,000. With it, I rented a small shop, bought more shoes, and a pop corn machine that I run along side my shoe business. Business is good, and I am no longer under so much financial pressure as I was before. Life is better for me and my children. They are all back to school and are happy again. However, because they are growing, their needs are too, and a time has come where I need to perhaps double my income. To achieve this goal, I just need to expand my business if possible. I would really appreciate it if I would be granted another loan with which to re-stock my shop which is half empty. Thank you again for all your help.


Fati Abdulaye

Good day. Thank you for inviting me here to give an account of how the micro credit I took from the Royal Black Queens contributed posively or negatively to my business and the general wellbeing of my family members ; particularly, my husband and our five children. My name is Fati Abdulaye; I am fifty two years old, and a trader from Moffram Village.

Prior to being initiated to the RBQ’s loan scheme, I had been a trader for some twenty years, retailing food crops like plantains, cassava, and the palm nut fruit. I had used the proceeds from this business to pay for my children’s schooling. However, that’s all I ever got from the business. What’s more, I never had enough funds to buy produce at wholesale markets. As a result, I was forced to buy items on credit from local wholesalers within our community. These local buying prices had an impact on my own retailing prices which were pretty high. Consequently, I lost a lot of customers who preferred to buy directly from wholesalers who had also opened up small retail shops. This made business especially slow and unyielding. Besides, I never had more than Ghc 30 in my hands at any given time.

Six months ago, I took a loan of Ghc 400.00 from the Royal Black Queens and with it travelled to Accra as I had always dreamed. I bought a lot of food suppliers from wholesale market and brought them back to my customers but this time, I sold them at far cheaper retail prices. They were very happy to do business with me. Today, most of my old customers are back and business is good. They don’t have to travel far to buy foodstuff and I am happy to offer them items at prices affordable and at the same time make some good profit for myself.

Even though my children are through with school, one of them one works for me. My intention is to will the business to her when I retire from active work.

I hope to take bigger loans in the future and accomplish bigger dreams such as a larger store for my business. Thank you so much for all your help. My God bless you abundantly.

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