Welcome to Royal Black Queens

The Royal Black Queens is a financial institution with the aim of providing micro credits to women entrepreneurs in Akwapim South, Ghana. As part of our efforts to mitigate risk, our facility also provides business, personal development, management and basic IT training programs  to loan recipients.

We started our operations last year April with 40 women from Akwapim South in Ghana; and proudly, as at May 2011, our clientele had increased from 40 to 420 women entrepreneurs.

Forty of these women have already obtained business know-how and basic computer training certificates. Also, at the moment, the Royal Black Queens is running a free basic literacy training program for women entrepreneurs who have never been to school before.  Next to the micro-credit facility is also a new product we intend to introduce, which will be called the Mini Venture Capital Plan . These new product will focus its operations on small and medium sized enterprises with the intent of expanding their business ventures and  to create more job opportunities.

The Royal Black Queens welcomes you, our prospective partners, to contribute to achieving our poverty reduction mission by financially supporting highly industries Ghanaian women.  All of your investments; financial and otherwise will be highly rewarded with negotiable and attractive interest rates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the women of South Akwapim and in the long run all Ghanaian women needing help

  • To professionally use their industrial abilities, and developed talents
  • To significantly lower poverty rates and improve the general living standards of their children and families,

thereby contribute to the development of their individual communities. We believe our services and ongoing monitoring support will help these women build sustainable businesses to help alleviate poverty in Ghana as a whole.





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