Faustina Bonsrah and Serah Ofori

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Faustina Bonsrah

Hi there. My name is Faustina Bonsrah. I am a forty nine year old mother of five. Currently, I live with my husband and two of our youngest children added 14 and 17 who still live with us. I run my second hand retail business in Odea-Yaw. I started this business to enable me help my husband take care of our family’s expenses.

When I found out about the RBQ micro credit facility, it came as a major relief because I had tried times without number to source for capital from other financial institutions to begin my business with. Today, I retail at least one to two bales of second hand clothing from a stand in Nsawam’s new market. This has enabled me take care of my family’s pressing needs in especially health and education. I hope to do better in the coming months and sell more bales of clothing. Business is good, I believe when you have the needed capital with which to keep trading. I am very excited about Nana’s initiative, and shall be coming back for more loans as and when needed. Thank you.

Sarah Ofori

My name is Sarah Ofori, a wife and mother of three schooling children. I have owned a grocery business for the last five years. Business was good as I rarely made any losses. However, my only challenge was raising capital to re-stoke my shop from time to time. Loans were very difficult to access from banks, because their conditions were very unfavourable.

I for one didn’t have any substantial property to use as collateral, when I applied for these loans. I took an amount of Ghc 400 two years ago from the Royal Black Queens with which to invest in my business. I managed in that year to sell and make enough profits to get more goods for my store. However, with time, the shop became too small and I needed to acquire a bigger one. I spoke with Nana about it, and he was very willing to grant me another loan of Ghc 3000 that enabled me acquire my current shop and fill it with enough goods. Because the shop’s location is right opposite the town’s general hospital, which is a very busy place, I get even more business on a daily basis. I often refill my shop in a span of two weeks. And I know that at this rate, I could do mighty things. Currently, I am working towards building my own shop in the same area. I also hope that your outlet can provide us more loan facilities which I wish would have longer payback periods of say seven to eight months instead of the current six months. This will help us be under less pressure as we pay back our loans. Thank you for providing us this platform.

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