Alimatu Abdulaye and Gloria Larbi

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Alimatu Abdulaye

Hello, my name is Alimatu Abdulaye, from the Moffram Odai village. I am thirty seven years old and married with four children; three of whom are still schooling. I wholesale palm oil to local retailers. Also, on some market days, I also retail some of the oil from our main market.

Before I took a loan of Ghc 400.00 from the Royal Black Queens, I had so little capital and could only afford to supply palm oil on retail basis alone. Today, thankfully my business is doing well. Suppliers, at their own discretion, even offer me goods on credit. This was never possible. But because I have been able to build some credibility with them, they have become very flexible to my needs.

What’s more, I plan to acquire a 1 acre ‘local palm fruit farm’ currently on sale. Acquiring this farm will enable me enormously expand my business.

What I would like your organization to do differently with upcoming projects is to force loan recipients to make monthly saving of at least Gh5.00 per month. This will enable us make some extra profits after we have paid off our loans.

Then also, I feel that if possible, the loan facility should be extended to more women in our community who are very industrious but lack the funds with which to commence business. Any help you offer will be much appreciated. Thank you again, and God bless you.

Gloria Larbi

My name is Gloria Larbi and I come from Coalter within Nsawam. I am thirty one years old, a wife and mother of two schooling children. I started a small eatery around my home about two years ago, unfortunately, I had very little cash flow and my menus were very limited to what I could afford. Fortunately, the RBQs offered me a loan of Ghc 500.00, and with it, I was able to widen my food services to meet the dietary needs of my customers.

Also, with that amount, I was able to expand my facility and today, I run a drinking spot along side the chop bar.

Not only was I able to expand my business with the loan I took from the RBQs, but with the profits I make from the business, I am able to pay my children’s school fees, which was sometime back a real hassle.

In your next project, I would like to take another loan of say Ghc 3,000.00; with this amount, I would like to acquire a larger store as my clientele keeps increasing. I hope however, that your organization will grant us more grace period in paying back our loans. For instance, we would appreciate it if we could be given two or three more days at the beginning of every month before reporting to the office with our payments. This would take a lot of pressure off our shoulders-so to speak.

Lastly, a savings facility within your organization would be of tremendous help. This would enable us make a little more income at the end of our payback time. Thank you; may God reward you for all your good work.

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