Margret Akonnor and Hilda MacLean

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Margret Akonnor

My name is Margret Akonnor and I own a “chop bar” as well as a local Jewelry store here in Nsawam. I took a loan of about Ghc 400 with which I invested into buying more earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and all sorts of ornaments made from  copper, brazil and stone.

I was able to pay back the loan, however, I wish I had been given more time to pay it back; I have been under a lot of pressure in the last couple of months. Perhaps the company’s payback time policy can be re-adjusted to accommodate businesses such as mine, whose investment recovery is much slower than others. Thank you for giving us such opportunity. God bless you.


Hilda MacLean

Hi there! My name is Hilda MacLean, and I own a cosmetics business in Asanti-Ekura, a vicinity of Nsawam. I am married and have two children. I am thirty four years old.

Before I heard of the Royal Black Queens, I had done a number of trifling businesses here and there with the little capital I could afford. However, because I didn’t have enough funding, it was really difficult to make any significant profits. Life was hard; I worked hours on end without any progress. I thank you for the RBQ’s initiative that gives loans to women in need supporting them in their ventures with the aim of reducing poverty in our communities.   Thank you for your benevolence.


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