Who we are…

Who we are

The Royal Black Queens is a financial institution established by his majesty Nana Safrotwe Kakradae IV, and some European entrepreneurs; the aim of the establishment is to provide micro and hopefully macro loans to Ghanaian women who are capable and willing to run their own businesses.

The sole purpose of the Royal Black Queens is to support and motivate Ghanaian women to significantly help reduce the rates and impact of poverty on their families and communities as a whole.

The Royal Black Queens provides these women with loans as well as technical know-how support systems such as: personal development, business, basic IT and management training programs that will equip them to run efficient and effective business ventures.

The founders of the institution also spend their time and use their professional experience and business contacts to support their clients in every area possible. This is to reduce risks and motivate these women to target bigger profit margins.

Efficient operating systems as well as effective communication channels enable the organization to run with very low overheads. Because of this, a huge proportion of the firm’s funds are directed towards re-investing into the businesses of its clients.

What we do

We provide micro-credit facilities for women entrepreneurs in Akwapim South. Then also as part of our firm’s support system, we provide training programs in areas such as business management; basic IT training and personal development courses that become a knowledge database that hopefully our clients will benefit from in the running of their business ventures.

Also, our business will eventually, help these women entrepreneurs develop self-sustainable livelihoods, feed, clothe and educate their families, and work their way out of the poverty trap.

Currently, all our operations are based in Akwapim south Ghana, but we hope to expand into other geographical locations in the near future.


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