Esther Anaomah and Hanna Dzitornu

Esther Anaomah

Hello! My name is Esther Anaomah, from Sakyikrom, in Nsawam. I am 28 years old and a mother of two children. I own a bar and at the same time a meat cold store at the Nsawam market.

Before receiving a loan from the Royal Black Queens, I struggled to raise funds in order to fill my two stores with their necessary supplies. Today I am happy to say that, both businesses enjoy a free cash flow and I am able to restock my shops as and when the need arises.  Thank you for helping the women of Nsawam.



Hanna Dzitornu

My name is Hanna Dzitornu; I am 27 years old and a single mother of a five year old daughter. I own a ladies boutique besides the railway trail in Sakyikrom, Nsawam. I had a brilliant first year in business but there afterwards I was short of capital to re-invest in an assemblage of clothing to suit my customer’s needs. Many of them are particular about changing fashion trends. Also, their demands come in varies sizes, colors and textures. You know, nothing will lose you more customers faster than stocking your shop with designs that are not great. To meet their tastes, I had to renegotiate my purchasing terms with suppliers in Accra. Although I bought goods at wholesale prizes, the type of cloths I got were dependant on how much money I had. Suppliers most of the time hand pick the kind of cloths they think you can afford without paying any attention to what is on demand at a particular time. So it makes it really tough when you do not have enough funding, better still free cash flow to constantly buy new clothes.

This was the main reason why I took a loan from the Royal Black Queens last November. Six months down the line, my store looks very attractive from the in-side out such that most passers-by take a moment to walk in my store to window shop and they end up buying a thing or two before they leave. So I would really like to thank you for all your help. I wouldn’t have come this far without you. In the next couple of months, I would like to add new products to my shop, to include jewelry, make-up kits, designer perfumes and other accessories that my customers are now requesting for.  I hope to be granted another loan for this venture and I know I’ll make you proud once again.

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